Marigold seeds in an envelope

Marigold seeds 1
When I was little — early elementary school age — we grew marigolds in our yard. When the flowers shriveled up, my mom and I picked them off the plants, and she set me at the kitchen table to pull the seeds out of the flower heads and put them on a piece of paper. They came out easily, and I liked how it felt. I liked seeing them slip out together. When we were done, we put them in envelopes for next year. It’s one of my first memories of understanding seeds and gardening. Not just having the technical knowledge, but feeling how things worked.

Marigold seeds 2

Arlington Garden in late summer

Pomegranates ripening on the trees
At Arlington Garden in late summer, pomegranates ripen on the trees.

Pomegranate and succulent

Succulent in bloom
A few succulents are in bloom.

Succulent fountain

Arlington garden 4
Others are just hanging on.

Arlington garden 13
In late summer, this one bowl of water in the middle of the garden draws you in.

Arlington garden 14
It’s fed by a tiny drip hose hanging in the tree overhead.

Arlington garden 1
Way overhead.

As the branches sway in the breeze, the hose sways with them, and the ripples in the pot move from an always shifting center.

Arlington garden 2
In late summer, the plants thin out or go dormant. Even the white sage has fewer leaves.

Arlington garden 18

Arlington garden 11
In late summer, the hardscaping commands your attention.

Arlington garden 16

Arlington garden 22
And in late summer, the leaves in the trees change color…

Arlington garden 9

Arlington garden 8
And start to fall.