Early morning adventure

My little one woke up this morning at 5:00am hysterical, urgently asking to “see our car”. When we realized that none of us were going to go back to sleep any time soon, we got dressed and took him down to see our car in the garage. He looked in his car seat. “Nothing there,” he said a few times with what sounded like relief. He wanted to stay in our car, by his car seat, so we buckled him into it, drove around looking at the 5:00am sights and ultimately stopped at a diner for sausage and french toast and eggs.

At Izzy's 1 At Izzy's 3

We took Gavin into work early and then drove down to Home Depot to get some oversized cement mixing tubs and some gravel. We ended up getting a zucchini plant and a tomato plant, and this beautiful green watering can, too.

Green watering can

Tomato 2


Zucchini 2


Gravel 3

Gravel 4


Busy Car Book

Busy car book 3
We love the Usborne Pull-Back Busy Car Book.

Busy Car Book 1
Each page has a track for the pull-back car to follow, and the car has a fifth wheel underneath in the middle to keep it on the track. The story follows the car as it travels along until it finally arrives at the beach.

Granted, what my son loves most about it is the car. It may be the most expensive (and smallest) pull-back car we’ve ever found! We were shopping for a new book, and when he saw the little car in this one, our search was over. He zeroed in on it very enthusiastically and on no uncertain terms. Usborne knows how to sell books to toddlers. The car is so precious that my son doesn’t want me to take it and run it on the tracks. He likes to hold it while I trace the tracks with my finger and read him the story. To read it properly, I have to take the car while he is sleeping and read it to myself. Which I sometimes do.