Out and about in Southern California

Pink Pearl Apples

Pink Pearl Apples 2
These tart, pink-on-the-inside apples are from See Canyon Fruit Ranch.

Pink Pearl Apples 3
We got them at Santa Monica’s Wednesday Farmers Market. They’re Pink Pearl Apples. They’re a little pinker in these photos than they were in real life, but they were still pretty dramatic. (I was having trouble with the color adjustments and this was the best color adjustment compromise I could come up with.) They were much darker pink than in this photo.

We sautéed them with butter and brown sugar and cinnamon, and ate them with vanilla ice cream.

On the third floor of the Petersen Automotive Museum

At the Petersen 1
The third floor of the Petersen Automotive Museum is for kids. This mural is just the right size to pretend to drive a Hot Wheels car along, and it is conveniently located near the Hot Wheels check out desk. (Which also happens to be the Pine Wood Derby car check out desk and the marble track check out desk, too.) You can race cars down big tracks and play with trucks on a big rug. You can also sit on a some real vehicles.
At the Petersen 2
Including a real Indy Car.

Wonders of the Deep

Wonders of the Deep 2

Today at the Aquarium of the Pacific, we saw things I’ve never seen in real life before.

Wonders of the Deep 3
We saw chambered nautiluses (or chambered nautili) swimming all over the place.

Wonders of the Deep 4
We saw a California king crab.

Wonders of the Deep 5
And we saw a giant isopod! I never imagined I’d get to see one of these alive. I’ve been fascinated by them ever since I first read about them — they’re huge and they look like sow bugs. It was amazing.

They were all in the Wonders of the Deep exhibit.

Unfortunately the aquarium doesn’t have a Wonders of the Deep webcam, but they do have five other webcams set up in other exhibits, including two penguin webcams.