At home

Tea kettle

My mom bought me this copper tea kettle years ago for my birthday. It was such a special gift, and it has always just felt right. The whistle is softer than other tea kettles and round and loud at the same time. It sounds the way a tea kettle should sound. It’s easy to keep clean with copper polish if you use it regularly, but I like the patina the copper gets over time. I like the warm color and its curved silhouette on my black and white stove. I’ve had it for more than a decade — since long before I met Gavin — but I still love to see it and touch it and use it every day. It’s one of those things that makes moving easier, because when I see it on the stove top, I feel at home.

Hungarian Sunset

The drink without a name 1
Gavin invented a drink that uses Zwack (formerly known as Unicum) for bitters.

The drink without a name 4
It’s fruity and tart and mysterious.

To make it, mix together:

  • 1 part Zwack
  • 6 parts Jack Daniels
  • 10 parts citrus juice (two of our favorite combinations are orange and grapefruit or lemon and tangerine)
  • 2 parts simple syrup

Shake with ice.

Pour into a martini glass and add a couple of cherries and some cherry syrup.

The drink without a name 3

Making toy basket labels

toy basket labels 11

To make these toy basket labels, I ordered self-sealing luggage tags and then took pictures of a few representative toys for each basket. I experimented with my printer to get the photos to print out small enough to fit inside the tags, and I printed out text for the opposite side of each tag. I put each photo under the paper with the text on it and traced the corners of each picture to make sure I cut out the right sized rectangle of paper. Then I put the words and pictures back to back and sealed them inside the luggage tags to make basket labels that both kids and adults can understand.

toy basket labels 1 toy basket labels 2 toy basket labels 3 toy basket labels 4 toy basket labels 5 toy basket labels 6 toy basket labels 7 toy basket labels 8 toy basket labels 9 toy basket labels 10