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Forgiveness as zooming out — taking in a wider context

Sometimes, sometimes I think forgiveness — or release from being consumed by something that went wrong — is nothing but zooming out. Finally letting in more details. More of the map. More history. More feelings. More missed connections. A bigger swatch of the story, so that the scales don’t feel tilted in one way or another quite so much anymore. So that “Why???” is finally answered. And it isn’t that one or the other of us is just bad.

Maybe forgiveness isn’t even the right word for what happens then. Maybe it’s understanding.

Virtual poetry anthology

If I were putting compiling a poetry anthology, these are some of the poems that would be in it:

The City Limits by A. R. Ammons

Starfish by Eleanor Lerman

The Uses of Sorrow by Mary Oliver

Routine Disruption by Kenward Elmslie

Wild Geese by Mary Oliver

The Faces at Braga by David Whyte

Lost by David Whyte

Self Portrait by David Whyte

Love After Love by Derek Walcott

The Wild Geese by Wendell Berry

Navajo War God’s Horse Song (audio)

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake

“I will speak to you in stone-language…” from “Duration” by Octavio Paz

Poem by Langston Hughes



Come on in!

Water wheel 5
Kidspace has several places for kids to splash in the water.

Water falling 3
My favorite spot is up the hill in the very back.

Water fallling 4
There are two ponds, connected by a stream.

Water wheel 1
At the top, there’s a water wheel.

Water wheel 2
Every few minutes, water pours off the corrugated metal roof and turns the wheel.

Fish pond
There’s a pond with fish and plants right behind the water wheel. It’s just for looking at.

Water wheel 7
But everywhere else is a free-for-all of kids! They climb in and splash around and walk up and down the stream. The only rule is that you have to keep your shoes on, even under water.

Water 2
I was careful not to take pictures of any kids, but it was hard! Even on slow Tuesday afternoon.