Our first Thanksgiving of the season

Thanksgiving mantle
This year for Thanksgiving with the big boys we got a chocolate turkey.

Thanksgiving spread 2013
First we had dinner.

Gavin made rosemary walnuts.

And stuffing.

First turkey of the season 2013
And real turkey.

Everything on the table Thanksgiving 2013
He also made green beans and cranberry sauce.

Chocolate turkey 1
After dinner, came the moment our little one had been waiting for.

Chocolate turkey 2
Carving the chocolate turkey and eating it!

A good day

Roads and snipping
We made roads on the floor with black tape. The little boy picked up my scissors, put his fingers through the handles carefully and snipped the tape. So we got out his scissors and some paper and he snipped quite a lot in between racing his cars around the road as I finished laying it down.

Later, we went cake tasting with Gavin. I have a birthday party coming up, so went we to Sweet Lady Jane to check out their options. The slices were so big, we ended up with leftovers in our fridge. The green one on top is a princess cake.